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Deryk Greenway

Deryk Greenway was one of the first local cyclists to ride with the Midweek Section when it was formed and I received the following sad news from Stuart. Unfortunately, because of problems I had with my email, it missed the Newsletter.

Bad news. My brother Deryk Greenway passed away on the 2.12.2016. with a heart attack he was on a 3 weeks cruise aboard the "Saga Saphire" cruise ship and was air lifted of to Viga in Spain landed on the Hospital roof but died over night his daughter was with him all the time. He rode with the mid week group in the early days. We joined the Eastbourne Rovers with Pete Taylor in 1945, we three where the first new novices after the war. We all rode the local time trials until National Service. Deryk was enjoying himself until the end.

Stuart Greenway.

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Bad news

At the Seaford & Newhaven Lunch I learned that Marie Shepherd broke her wrist playing table tennis. Mia is lame having torn the ligaments in her leg when she missed a step. The list of injuries is getting too long so let us hope we can get through the next few months unscathed.

Our Section having managed to get to this stage of the winter in reasonably good order I heard today that Ron Street had slipped on his driveway on Monday and broken his upper arm. Fortunately his daughter found him and he is now staying with her.

Geoff Boxall also rang this morning with news that Sheila Leaney has died. Sheila & Brian were regulars at our lunchtime pubs and were among the first to volunteer when there was work to be done.

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Pat Graham


Pat had a fall fracturing her hip. She is due an operation today (Thursday 8th)at mid-day. She will be on Egerton Ward at the Conquest Hospital, Hastings afterwards. Probably no visitors until after the weekend. More updates as I get them

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Andy's Audax

Andy Seviour (see photo above) is organising his two Audax events in 2017 which gives you all something to look forward to. Both events leave from Hailsham and travel through some of the most challenging and beautiful countryside in the area.

These events have been on the calendar for many years and the Mad Jack is now held as a memorial ride for John Seviour, Andy's dad and a very hard riding member of our Section.Why not make the first entries in your new diaries. Hills and Mills 105 km Saturday 28th January 2017 http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/17-77/ Mad Jacks John Seviour Memorial 125km Saturday 25th February 2017 http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/17-85/

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November 2nd and yet another lovely Autumn day. Geoff Boxall counted sixty members at Happy Days but when he had fiven up counting even more riders arrived.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Gerry & Barbara Oakwood who return to America on Saturday. We have enjoyed their company and they have enjoyed their time in England and have promised that we will see them again.

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A new date will be set for Clifford's funeral as it has been postponed from August 16th. Derek will let us know when the details are available.

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George has been admitted to Eastbourne Hospital and is in Hailsham 4 ward. Neil Dickinson has details of George's situation as he is in contact with George's son Tom. Maybe if you live in Eastbourne you could pop in and see him.

Sadly Clifford Avery died recently. Clifford wasn't a regular rider with our Section but was well known to our members. His funeral details are:


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Rob and Martin's Trip to Norway

You can read about Rob and Martin's trip to Norway on the Reports and Stories page or download it here

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Energetics Awayday - Wednesday 14th September.M

John Gallsworthy’s Awayday will be meeting at Heaven Farm, Danehill for coffee - but it has been suggested that those taking part could take their bikes on the Bluebell Railway, from Sheffield Park to East Grinstead. This would mean being punctual for coffee at Heaven Farm, and leaving in time to get to Sheffield Park Station (about 2 miles) and purchase tickets to catch the 11.00 am train.

The ride would then continue on somewhere for lunch, returning to the Horsted Keynes/Danehill area in the afternoon.

The cost of the rail trip would be £12.50 each.

Can people please let John know if they are interested, so that he can see whether it’s worth organising - Tel. 01825 790464 or speak to him on a ride.

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You may have heard that we have several alterations to the current (August/September) runs list. Unfortunately Cath Seymour won't be around on the 10th to help Graham with his elevenses so Luxfords at Uckfield has been substituted. Graham has suggested that we join him on August 24th. As Wessons had already been booked we have left that on the list for the riders who live in the east of the region. Lunch on that day is at CHALVINGTON. Arlington is a misprint.

We have also had to change the venue for the Anniversary Lunch as the hall at Bodle Street is having a new kitchen fitted. The Reid Hall at Boreham Street, which is where we shall meet this time, is on the A271 about two or three miles from Lime X and the Bull pub is just down the road. The price remains the same although the Reid hall is more expensive. There is plenty of car parking so it will be satisfactory for those people who drive up in the morning and want to ride to elevenses.

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Jenny's 11s

The weather wasn't marvellous for Geoff & Jenny's elevenses but it has been worse in past years. As usual it was very well supported and Jenny predicts that the final total raised will exceed £150. This money will be donated to St. Wilfred's Hospice; several of our members have been cared for at the Hospice, most recently Sally Chadwick but in the recent past John Seviour and Thelma Mehew were were two others who benefitted from their kindness.

Chiddingly pub was packed as the various groups arrived although there were still some very stoic people eating their picnics in the churchyard. George turned up on his bike, refusing the offer of a lift to his favourite 'Bells'. The energetics had a tough ride and Chris Colyer had to go to Brian's rescue after a puncture developed into a serious chain and triple chainring malfunction; this meant that we missed Chris's company at the committee meeting but we decided that as he had taken on the knight errant mantle we would accommodate any reasonable amendments the Energetics might desire.

The new runs list will soon be circulating for leaders to add their names so have a look in the diary section and see if there's anything you fancy leading - whichever group you ride with.

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25th May

It was much improved weather conditions for our trip to Hilliers and Herstmonceux and the cafe was as colourful as the outside of plants at the Garden Centre as our members gathered in their gaudy livery. Les Springett appeared on his bike as did Prilly, for the second week; and much to our surprise John Regan also arrived on his bike. How reassuring that the three of them are now well enough to cycle. Emma Rix took a well deserved day off work to join us and was able to enjoy the wrm sunshine with the other picnickers at the Herstmonceux rec..

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The dire weather forecasts for Wednesday saw very depleted numbers at Lime Cross, most of us arrived by car although some rugged stalwarts rode their bikes. John Armstrong, who drove the short distance from his home, was an early arrival and was tucking into a couple of poached eggs on toast. John Regan was also early and brought Les Springett with him. However it was later revealed that Les had ridden to Hilliers on Sunday and was looking forward to repeating the exercise next week. Prilly also put in an appearance on her bike, her first outing since her accident (which you will remember occurred on her last visit to Lime X).

At lunch, which was at one of our favourite pubs, there was a singular lack of cyclists, in fact Andy Seviour and Cathy Larke were the only two. Cathy was awaiting her lift from Bill who had driven her out to elevenses and somehow amused himself in the torrential downpours which started shortly after 10 o'clock. John A drove home after his breakfast then made his way to the Yew Tree to keep Ron & Marion Ball company. We don;t see very much of them nowadays as they seem to have a lot of doctor's appointments at irregular times but have promised to have a go at Herstmonceux on Wednesday next.

Over in Kent, Andy Cackett who had taken a lot of trouble to arrange an Awayday in the Garden of England, waited in vain at Headcorn airport for anyone to join him and eventually made his way home. The countryside between Headcorn and Staplehurst is at its best at this time of the year and it was a cruel blow that the weather spoiled Andy's plans.

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11th May

Another good turnout with people groping their way through the fog from all directions. By the time we were ready to leave Jasmine's the sun was shining on all the groups making their way to the White Horse at Bodle Street. Norman was the first to arrive and had nearly finished his pint and lunchtime snack when the others started to arrive. John Armstrong was the first to sweep round the corner; astonishingly, as he had felt rather weary after Sunday's "South Downs"100k randonnee. As Norman Wright had organised this there were quite a few hills and John wasn't the only one with tired legs. However, on Tuesday he took advantage of the prize he had won in the raffle at the 1066 Quiz Night. This was a sports massage given by a young lady in Battle. John was rejuvenated!

The Energetics are always a bit sweaty when they arrive and this Wednesday was no exception. Having Andy Seviour with them probably brings out the inner beast as they struggle to prove themselves to him. Andy has not only promoted the "Hills & Mills" and "Jack Fuller" Audax events for many years but for twenty years was a super randonneur.

Nest week Andy Cackett takes his followers into Kent and there was a distinct undercurrent of excitement as routes and destinations were discussed.

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Summer's round the corner

The first Wednesday in May was stunning. April went out as miserably as she came in and we were rather glad to see the back of her. In spite of an Energetics Awayday the lawn at Happy Days glowed the multicoloured uniforms of the other groups. The holidaymakers had returned from their holiday on the East coast. They all had a good time and some satisfactoryn partnerships were formed. The description of their quarters varied from a cosy cottage to a rather draughty, albeit very well appointed, barn conversion. However some good cycling was enjoyed and all agreed the company was second to none.

Whilst we were enjoying the sunshine at Happy Days and the Star at Waldron, the Energetics were stretching their legs in the Downs behind Brighton. Chris Colyer probably stretched his too much having attacked Ditchling Beacon from both ends.

The churchard hosted a large number of Easyriders and Tourists and Moderates enjoyed the ambience of the Star at Waldron. Roger Bacon put in an appearance at elevenses, his first since the Big Move, and was his usual dapper self. As he regains fitness he has promised that we shall see more of him.

Does ANYBODY want to go on the Brewery Tour? so far Esther has six enthusiasts and two enthusiasts who hope to make it.

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Brewery Tour

June 23rd is the date we have been allocated for the tour of Harvey's Brewery. The tour commences at 6.30pm and finishes at approximately 8.45pm. There is a modest cost of £2.50 per person. If you would like to attend let Esther know. I understand that it's a very good evening out with generous free samples of the product.

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27th April 2016

Jasmines is always a popular venue with our Section and this Wednesday was no exception. When we first started going there some years ago we were lured in by some sort of loyalty scheme that was in operation. Michael Rabbetts who introduced us to the cafe was told that one of their customers had acquired so many points that he had obtained a lawn mower. We never did find out how many cups of tea were quaffed or cakes scoffed, nor did we discover how we recorded our points. The scheme was quietly dropped as the cafe flourished. To date the only person who rides out with us regularly, and mows his lawn,as far as I know, is Chris Colyer but he probably bought his mjower.

In spite of a dozen of our regulars enjoying a holiday in the Kings Lynn area Bob & Tracy were kept busy in the Kings Head at East Hoathly as some of the picnic people elected to join the throng in the pub. It must have been cold behind the E.H. Sports Pavilion and we spared a thought for our friends eating their sandwiches on the East coast. We hoped that they had found sancturay in a cosy churchyard.

John Regan continues to ferry the walking wounded out to elevenses and this week he was accompanied by Prilly and Les Springett. Both are recovering slowly and are optimistic that they will be out on their bikes at some time. Les is considering an excercise bike pro tem. It was very reassuring to see them both and they had a warm welcome.

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We have now entered the season when the various groups spread their wings (or should that be 'winged wheels'. Probably not for much longer as we now have a punchier new logo and name for our beloved organisation).

John Armstrong set the ball rolling with a mountain bike ride from Middle Farm up to the Downs. He was encouraged by a few enthusiasts to repeat the outing again this Summer. His route followed that enjoyed by the participants in Mike Phillips' memorial ride for Sally Chadwick last year and John also dedicated the day to memories of Sally.

John Beaumont led a Tourists Awayday in West Sussex this week (20th April) whilst the rest of the Section met at Raystede before making their way to the Royal Oak at Barcombe.

There was an air of gentle excitement in the air and we learnt that the Easyriders and friends are off the East coast for a week. I mention that as these popular breaks are proving popular across the whole Section.

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Spring is here?

Wessons was the first elevenses venue on the new runs list and although most people started off in the rain very few of the regulars seemed to be absent. Ron Street failed to put in an appearance but turned up at the Six Bells and broke the news at the committee meeting that we had received our allowance from HQ. Had he left at his usual time he would have missed the postman and only found the cheque when he arrived home. So we forgave him.

One person that we have been worrying about is George the Fish but Neil had spread the good news the previous day that George was home and looking forward to a trip to Firle village hall with Neil on Friday. George's suprise arrival at the pub was greeted joyously by all his friends, cyclists and others - including Clare who stepped out from behind the bar to greet him.

The committee meeting progressed along the usual lines, which I suppose can be described as casual efficiency. You can look forward to Away Days, Shirley's elevenses and the picnic at Chiddingly.

Well, after a long, wet and windy Winter it seems as if Spring is here.

The past weekend saw a burst of energy from the East Sussex CTC with the Mid Week Cycle Jumble on Saturday and the 50k held on the following day. Both very successful events with Mike Phillips organising the first and Mick Hills promoting the latter. Mike Phillips,wearing the apron signifying membership of a very special organisation, maintained that this would be his last Jumble in spite of pleas for just one more from all the happy stallholders. Apparently though he will be revealing his successor in the fullness of time so keep hoarding those cycling treasures. We were pleased to see David Abbott and John Manville in attendance. They've both been missing from our midst for some time now. Also missing was Chris Colyer who was riding an Audax elsewhere, somewhere with gently graded hills more suited to his talents than the spiteful peaks we have in East Sussex.

Also last week we enjoyed our Festive Lunch at Bodle Street with the W.I. ladies turning up trumps again. Then today, March 23rd, we had a full house at Wessons for elevenses and a good number turning up at the White Horse at Bodle Street.

Let's hope this is the start of a warm Summer with kindly zephys at our backs on every ride. A few people

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