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Dieppe Raid

Bernie Oaster has double booked hotel accommodation for the Dieppe Raid and consequently has a double room spare for the Saturday and Sunday of the Raid. The hotel is situated two miles out of Dieppe and Bernie has used it before and recommends it. If you are interested phone Bernie on 07872314293

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Adrian and Chris's Cambodian tour

You can check out Adrian and Chris's Cambodian tour here

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February 3rd

We were pleased to see Adrian and a rather tired Chris back from their Cambodian tour on Wednesday. Adrian has promised to share his photos, so watch this site. The highlight of their tour must have been an unexpected meeting with John Gallsworthy & Sally Thorpe

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Roger & Pat Bacon take up residence in their new home, Jays, Horsebridge Road, on February 12th. It is the third bungalow below the Cuckoo Trail traffic lights. As you make your way to Maidstone to visit Brian Barrett (see new address below) Roger & Pat will be pleased to give you a cup of tea and a piece of cake to cheer you on your way. Or they will be pleased if you just pop in for a chat and a cuppa.

Just a word though. They have told me they are planning extensive alterations so may be best to leave your toolboxes at home.

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December 24

Our Christmas celebrations started with the Carol Service at Horam. This was organised by Charles & Connie Lancaster and the congregation were addressed by Ray Goodfellow again and their singing was accompanied by the orchestra Charles had assembled from among his friends. A clip of the Kings College Choristers was included and several of the Midweekers read for us.

The Mince Pie elevenses at John & Joyce Taylor's was well supported and the riders were rewarded with a lovely sunny morning. The Energetics had a number of punctures. Joyce was pleased with the collection which raised £180; this will be donated to her Inner Circle which is supporting the East Sussex Spina Bifida Charity.

The Six Bells was crowded with cyclists and we were pleased to see George the Fish and Derek Pritty sitting in the corner by the fire. John Holmes made a rare appearance and David Stables joined us. He is progressing from his accident and we hope he will recover in time for the better weather. Mia had two recovering invalids with her as not only is Karl waiting for his hand to heal fully but her dog suffered a large cut on his paw when on the Cuckoo Trail.

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A message from Brian Barrett

I had intended to come to the mince pie event at John's tomorrow but unfortunately cannot now do so. As this would have been my last attendance before we move I would like to wish the many friends I have made over the past 18 years a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2016.

Our new address from 5th January is: 3 The Brewhouse, Mote Park, Maidstone, ME15 8YB. I hope that address will encourage a few visitors - we are right on the National Cycle Route through Mote Park!!

All the best to the Midweekers.


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Wet Wednesday

After last week's bumper turnout at Wessons and Chiddingly, this Wednesday - 21st October - was a bit of a let down. Rain was forecast, coming in from the west and rain arrived, coming in from the west. The weather, I thought would deter most people from making the journey to Isfield but to my surprise there was a reasonable coterie sitting up in the corner. When I looked closely I could see that most had come by car (nothing wrong with that) but outstandingly Rob Foster & Steve Ratford, having forged a strong bond on their Instanbul-Cuxhaven odyssey, arrived by bike. Among the motorists was Chris Colyer; what a surprise. He is, however, still nursing his wounded foot, the one he injured on the Istrian adventure. He had brought a natty umbrella to protect it. Rob & Steve expressed their determination to ride to Chalvington which encouraged two more of our number to make the journey by car. The motorists did about five miles, Steve & Rob managed 21 and modestly requested that their feat shouldn't be mentioned. What a performance and all in the pouring rain. Chapeau and chapeau encore.

Altogether a jolly morning, much better than staying at home counting raindrops trickling down the window pane.

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14th October Ride

Because of David Stable's accident we were short of a leader for Wednesday. Now we have two as Neil Dickinson and Andy Cackett have volunteered. Thanks and gratitude.

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David Stables

David Stables had a nasty conclusion to his day out and the following message was received from him

You’ve probably heard by now that I had a coming together with another cyclist during this morning’s Tourists ride which resulted in me taking to the grass verge. The outcome is that, following my visit to E&DGH A & E Department I have dislocated my left shoulder and torn the shoulder ligaments. I have an appointment at the Fracture Clinic next Tuesday to decide treatment. Other than that I’m fine. Nobody was to blame as it was just one of those things.

However, I doubt that I will be cycling for a few weeks and I was down to lead a ride next Wednesday 14th October, difficult with an arm in a sling, so you’ll have to persuade somebody to step in for me. Nobody was to blame, See you all soon. David Stables

We obviously wish David a speedy recovery from his injuries and hope that someone will come forward to lead his ride.

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Wyvale was once again a popular destination for elevenses despite a dull start to the day. There were some arduous rides undertaken but all the nooks and crannies at the Six Bells seemed tp harbour groups of our members. It was our big day of the year, the AGM, and thirty or so members congregated at the village hall to find out what our future is to be. It looks assured at the moment - three new volunteers joined the committee and we are financially stable. Our new committee members are Chris Colyer (unfortunately absent as he was at home smartening himself up for a Brian Ferry concert in the evening); Andy Cackett and Cathy Larke, all very welcome additions to our number.

Our biggest problem is lack of leaders for our rides. One reason for this is our geographically diverse membership. A lack of local knowledge of the area is a deterrent but aspiring leaders were assured that help and comfort (if necessary) are available to the novices at any stage of a ride. Some of our most confident leaders had a shaky start; one who shall be nameless took his pack to Old Heathfield instead of Punnetts Town. This happened a long time ago but after trauma counselling he came back and is now one of the most respect names on the list.

Forms for the Anniversary Lunch are now available - we are now entering our 29th year.

Next week sees us back at Wessons from whence we will wend our way to Chiddingly again.

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September 2015

Chris Colyer writes

Having read one or two of your articles about romantic liaisons in Venice I thought I might set the record straight before anybody got any wrong ideas.

Richard and I flew to Venice Airport with our bikes to set off for a cycling tour of the Istrian Pebinsular.

From Venice Airport we were transported to Palmonova in NW Italy where we assembled our bikes and stayed the night. The following day we cycled into Slovenia where we spent a few days touring before crossing the border into Croatia. We then cycled South and then West across Croatia before crossing over to the lovely islands of Cres, Losinj and Krk just off the coast of Croatia before returning to the mainland. We then cycled across Croatia, into Slovenia and then Italy before returning to Venice to fly home. I covered a total of 580 miles which was slightly more than Richard mainly due to the fact that another person on our tour together with myself took a wrong turning when cycling from Slovenia into Croatia and taking in an additional 25 miles in Italy (around Trieste) by mistake.

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Having got a slightly not wanted feeling the previous Wednesday it was pleasant to receive a friendly welcome at Hilliers and The Plough, Upper Dicker. We were able to sit in the garden at The Plough and enjoy the warm Autumn sunshine.

John Taylor led a crocodile of thirty riders up the Cuckoo Trail and managed to lose all but one.. On Sunday he led the ride in memory of Sally and ended up in a ditch when a wasp flew in behind his glasses. Not a very auspicious comeback for John who we pleased to see after a short absence from riding. Still, things can only get better for him.

A nice treat on Saturday morning when seven of us made our way to Chiddingly Village Hall for a Jazz Breakfast. An enthusiastic band entertained us as we enjoyed croissants, bacon sandwiches and a selection of other breakfast comestibles.

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Congratulations to Adrian Hills who won the 1st handicap award in the T.A. S.E. 25.

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20th September 2015

Mike Phillips' 'Ride for Sally' attracted a good crowd to Middle Farm and then on to Arlington Tea Rooms. Sally's mum, Sylvia, and other members of her family joined the cyclists and Phil was out on the ride. It was a lovely day and we were all able to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. Someone said Sally had probably arranged the weather and I wouldn't be at all surprised. There were two rides, one off road and another led by Geoff around the lanes. All in all a very good way to remember Sally and well organised at short notice by Mike.

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What a day. The weather forecast was horrible and I arrived at Blackstocks to see about half a dozen people waiting to go into the cafe but the door seemed to be locked against us.. There were also banners proclaiming that the place was closed for a private party so we decided to go to Wessons. Great time as the Rovers/Wanderers combo also turned up as is their wont on a Wednesday. What lovely conversations we enjoyed as heavy showers did their worst outside. Eventually four of us decided to go down to the White Hart at Horsebridge; I arrived first and when I tried to make a booking for a few weeks ahead I was told that cyclists were not really wanted in future. Dear oh dear. I was assured, though, that I would still be welcome. Not something that happens to me very often as you can imagine so my heart leapt with joy. Our numbers swelled to five when Rob Russell arrived. Rob had also arrived at Blackstocks and was told that the 'private party' was (were?) us and he was escorted in and served with coffee by an apprentice coffee pouring young lady.

It was very pleasant to eat one's lunch in quiet and civilised company with intellectual conversation which was way above my head but I felt included so tried to look intelligent. Luckily I wasn't quick enough to interlopate as I would probably have put my foot in it had I been quicker.

Never mind, perhaps next week will be up to speed.

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Mike Phillips will be leading a ride in memory of Sally on Sunday. September 20th 2015. Sally's family will attend and it is hoped to have good support from her friends in the Section.

The ride will leave Middle Farm at 11 o'clock and arrive at Arlington Tea Gardens at 1 o'clock. Mountain bikes are recommended altrhough there will be an on road ride for anyone who prefers that.

Meet at either end of the ride but please support it.

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Another lovely day, with just a touch of Autumn in the air, lured a good crowd of our members up to Wessons. Notable absentees were Richard Thomas and Chris Colyer who I understood were holidaying in Venice. My pictures of our two speedsters being punted gracefully up and down the canals, with Neapolitan songs throbbing in the evening air, were shattered when someone mentioned that they’d taken their bikes and were probably on their way to the Bosphurus (or somewhere similar, I think it began with B). This conversation took place at the Yew Tree, Chalvington, where we ate our lunch on the patio with warm sunshine bringing comfort to our bones. Jim the landlord was absent but hopefully will have returned when we next visit.

Next week the Awayday leaves Sue Burton’s residence in Battle and is probably the last of the year.

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On Friday a good number of us attended the Parish church at Hellingly to say goodbye to Sally. It was a sad occasion and unusual for a group such as ours to lose such a young member. On September 20th Mike Phillips will lead a memorial ride for everyone who wishes to attend. Gathering at Middle Farm the ride will leave at 11 o'clock and arrive at Arlington Tea Gardens at 1 o'clock. Mountain bikes are recommended. More details from Mike. There will be a collection for the Marie Curie Foundation.

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St. Luke certainly smiled upon us today; after the gloomy weather we've endured lately and especially the torrential rain last week it was a pleasure to be out. Last Wednesday there were six of us at Lime Cross with only one person, Peter Oakshott, brave enough to ride his bike. Today at Wyvale we were well up to our usual numbers full with most areas of our catchment being represented and The Woolpack was pleasantly full.

Richard Wilkes led an Awayday starting and finishing in Billingshurst and going south as far as Amberley and then back to The Cricketers at Wisborough Green for lunch with a final loop back for a coffee where we started. About 39 miles in total. Enjoyed by 12 riders.

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12th August 2015

How lucky we were this Wednesday. The rain which had poured down all night stopped in time for our members to congregate at the Lavender Line cafe, Cinders. Amber, Helen and Helen's fiance Robin (the chef) made us welcome and, as they are open six days a week now, will be pleased to see us againon any day except Monday.

Frank & Derek were the first arrivals at the King's Head, East Hoathly and were settled in the corner by the fireplace. How pleasant to see them meeting up again on Wednesday. Dudley was tucked into the opposite corner and was soon joined by John Armstrong. Then the energetics arrived, led by Chris Colyer. What a man, the six miles between Isfield and EH had been stretched to make a two hour ride. Steve Ratfield and Rob Foster are now back in the fold, unscathed by their epic journey. Graham Ashdown celebrated his first anniversary within our Section by joining Raoul's tourist ride. Jan & Melanie are safely back in Ringmer and looked invigorated by their holiday on the continent. settled in the corner

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