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The Away Day

The lads met at Robertsbridge, each with their bike
To ride the away day being led by Mike
Suitably refreshed at the Judges’ Bakery
They all mounted their machines to make their way
Going northwards , through leafy lanes onto Salehurst
Up steep hills to Bodiam, with lungs fit to burst
Onto Ewhurst Green, Beckley, Wittersham then
Through to Small Hythe and the climb to TenterdenV Onwards along more leafy lanes to Smarden
All those long hills, the ride sure was a hard’un
After eating their lunch at the Flying Horse
They set off again on the afternoon’s course
To Biddenden, Benenden and Iden Green
Returning to Bodiam, again being seen
Back to the Judges’ Bakery for more scoff
Then with bikes in their cars, ‘twas time for the off

Those of us who enjoyed elevenses at John Manvilles home in Hove will be sad to learn that his wife Wilma died in hospital within the past few days.

The Anniversary Lunch will be at Bodle Street on August 27th.

The second Awayday will be led by Rob - details below:
MAY 7th. Meet at MARK CROSS Garden Centre, on the A267 just north of Mayfield TN6 3PJ at 10.30. Ride at 11am, probably to the Lord Raglan pub near Staplehurst? Return ride pm to Mark Cross

We are waiting to get a date for a tour of Harveys Brewery in 2016. We are on the list and they will allocate a date when bookings open again. Something to look forward to, twenty five maximum and a £2.50 deposit per person when our booking is accepted. You don't have to qualify in any way other than being able to get to Lewes at the appointed time.

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AGM and Carol Service

Mike Phillips was elected DA President at the AGM on Sunday and Pat Graham is vice president. Great result although we are all sorry that it was necessary to fill these posts.

Carol Service at Chapel Cross, Punnetts Town on Saturday, December 14th, starting at 2.00pm. This is the white chapel that stands on the grassy slope beside the B2096. The large plinth which is prominent in the grounds is a memorial to the Protestant Martys, one of several in the area. There is a hall for refreshments and toilets.

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Elevenses at Hilliers this morning - and the usual din from the enormous crowd present. Only snag , as Rob R. told me, is that all the regular customers are old and dither at the counter making service rather slow. What a pity that Claire doesn't move there from the 6 Bells, we'd soon be flying down the aisle with our laden trays. The Bells was as popular as always and we soon overflowed from the space allotted to us.

The post prandial committee meeting was conducted in mime but we still managed to caper through the business in half ab hour.

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We're now into the new year and I suppose my resolution should be to maintain this page with up to date information.

This first Wednesday of 2012 was not too bad, a bit cold but not as windy as forecast. Well that's the weather out of the way and because it was so lovely for the time of year we had another massive gathering at Wessons. So many people present that Alan Symonds had to use the ladies loo. That's a turn-up for the book as last time we there I had to use the gents.

So, on to Golden Cross where we were carefully segregated from the other customers, indeed, segregated from each other as I found when I peeped into the other bar as I was leaving. It may have something to do with some proper customers leaving the glamorous surroundings of the restaurant when they saw us in there on our previous visit.

I do try to count the heads but it's quite a task as people will move around to see their friends. I've since been told that 60 people were present at one time.

That's it for tonight, I'll have another go tomorrow when I may look into my crystal ball.

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We will be meeting the S.W. London Wayfarers on July 13th for our annual get-together.

Shirley Novis has very kindly invited us to her home in Heathfield for elevenses AND lunch on JULY 20th. Put this date in your diaries as her hospitality is legendary. Please let Esther know if you will be at Shirley's for either or both invitations. A list will be circulating next Wednesday, 29th June.

The Friendship Ride will be back again this year, on the 10th/11th September. As it doesn't clash with anything this time it's back to the old format. There was a dearth of local riders in 2010 so make it a real welcome this time.

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It was back to wet and windy this Wednesday(June 22nd). Unfortunately this was the day chosen by Geoff & Jenny for their annual elevenses and it teemed down. As usual there was strong support from our riders who came from far and wide. When there were too many people huddled under the awning Jenny threw open the French windows and allowed us all indoors. A bad move perhaps as there was a marked reluctance to move on. Money raised is going to Ringmer village hall fund and will help towards their various projects to improve the building. There were just enough people at The Star to justify our booking. Jupiter Pluvius does wonders for our complexions as could be seen from the glowing faces surrounding the bar.

I promised Mike Phillips, after being gently chastised by him, that I would update this page when I returned home from Jean Castro's (previously Steel) funeral. We were well represented in the Chapel and several of us made our way once more to Waldron. A sad occasion was cheered by meeting old friends and we shared many memories of Jean, Len & Gerald before we left for home.

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What can I say about Wednesday. The day started well with a our usual good turnout at Lakeside. The weather wasn't too bad, just a bit cold. It all went downhill -badly- when we got to Ripe. No doubt everyone you've met who was there has a story to tell, suffice to say that when I left at 2.00 o'clock there were about a dozen people still waiting for their meals. To add insult to injury there was a bitingly strong wind to make everyone's journey home very unpleasant.Roger reports on the Easyriders as follows After 11s's I led a very small group of Pat, Derek, Frank [H] & a new lady Jenny, who lives in Cooksbridge, down past The May Garland & Pick & Gun Hills to the top of Nash Street; here Pat decided to go straight home as she had been struggling. The rest of us turned right & went through Chiddingly & on until we turned left, down to & across the A22, down Broomham Lane, right along the B2124 to the next junction; turned left down past Marchants Farm & then left into Ripe. Jenny went to the pub but the remaining 3 of us went round to the Parish Church & sat in the porch for our picnic.I do not normally comment on the ride after lunch, but I will just say that it was one of the most unpleasant rides home I have had due to that bitter & strong wind; I really struggled when the wind was in my face !!

Another fortnight has passed and I've neglected to put any news on this page.

One piece of information that gave everyone enormous pleasure was that Don Excell's tumour was found to be non-malignant. We were all so pleased to hear that Don is working hard to regain his fitness so that he can come out with us very soon.

Following the substitution of Punnetts Town for Warbleton we found ourselves once again in the Barley Mow the following week - the booked ride. Not such a nice day this time so slightly reduced numbers. it probably helped that we only had to travel from Horam this Wednesday. This was followed by the combination of Jasmine's, Wyvale - where the rafters trembled with the decibels produced by our members and on to East Hoathly. A bad weather forecast didn't deter too many people and in fact it was a very nice morning and the rain held off until after lunch. The Easyriders in fact had a very large number on their ride as Roger writes - After 11s's, Geoff led the largest contingent we have had for a long time, 14 of us including Ron, Pat G, Joyce, Marie, Les, Charles, Peggy & Derek who normally go with a faster group, along the A22, up Nash Street, through Muddles Green & Chiddingly, up Ailies Lane and down to East Hoathly. Just a gentle potter. To start with it was really warm sitting on the far side of the pavilion, not at all like November.

We are at Tudor House and Chalvington this week, Lakeside, Horam to The Lamb at Ripe then the current runs list concludes with a visit to Middle Farm and the Six Bells, Chiddingly.

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The S.W. London Wayfarers have suggested the Green Man at Horsted Keynes for next year's meeting. Confirmation later.

Shirley has offered to host another elevenses at her home and we have agreed that July 20th will suit her and us. She will also provide lunch afterwards. This is a very good offer which I have accepted on behalf of the Section.

Please put February 26th in your diaries because that's the day we are having our cycle jumble at Berwick. Tell as many people as you can so that we have a successful morning

Booking forms for the Festive Lunch are now out. The price is £11 (but you have to bring your own drinks) and the start time is 12 noon for 12.30

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April 8th. After a wet ands wild start to the day it was a pleasant surprise when cyclists turned up to Westham village hall in their usual numbers. It was worth the effort as not only did we get a hot cross bun and a cup of coffee for 40 pence but there was a free raffle ticket for everyone. Several people walked off with Easter eggs ... but not Ron Street, who was probably the unlukiest person there; he had ticket 802 and every number but his between 800 and 810 was drawn.

We were delighted to see John Regan in situ when we arrived, together with Mrs. Regan. Sheila had driven John out to elevenses and has promised to do the same in future. As an ex-cyclist she appreciates that we all have to keep in touch with each other. Fred & Thelma also turned up, albeit on the bus, and Fred and John were able to discuss hips in depth and the consequences for their cycling futures.

The sun was shining as we left the hall and most people opted to go on to Chiddingly; the notable exceptions were those booked to leave the next day for Wareham for the weekend. Whilst the packing and preparation was taken seriously by everyone else, Les told us casually that he would throw everything together that evening. Today (Thursday) the weather has brightened up after another murky start so we hope that all goes well with them and that are back safely for another Wednesday ride next week.

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January 21st and after a frosty start to the day we early risers were pleased to arrive at Jasmine's(Wyvale) later in the morning to find sun shine and blue sky prevailing. No spills today and everyone arrived at Punnetts Town in good fettle.

It was Ron Street's birthday and the other customers were treated to a rather raucous and off key rendering of the Birthday Song as the energetics serenaded Ron as he drank his coffee.

Meanwhile about a dozen Easy Riders rode via Upper Dicker to Coppice Corner, around the lanes to Ripe, where most of the group took the wrong route, leaving Geoff & Roger on the correct route to Golden Cross & Chiddingly, where everyone met up safe & well. Some went to the pub & the others to the church, all meeting for coffee afterwards in the pub. Everyone then then went their separate ways home.

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From John Regan (referring to Jan.14th)

On Wednesday last I was immediately behind Richard Thomas when he slid off. Ray also slid off but he slid onto the other side of the road and landed on the 'soft if it had not been frozen' bank. Neither were hurt badly. I managed to get past Richard only to find Peter 'doing a ballet dance'in front of me but he held on and stayed upright and I just managed to ride past him before reaching a safer part of the road. Chris and Little Bill did not come off.

Everyone will be pleased to hear that Richard was out and riding strongly in the "Hills & Mills" Audax today (Saturday.)

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We had a large crowd at Wessons for elevenses on what appeared to be a springlike day. However appearances were deceptive yet again and Richard Thomas & Ray Wells were the ice victims this time.

Mike Phillips led his ride safely to Chalvington and about fifteen people eventually arrived there.

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Bookings are being received for the FESTIVE LUNCH on FEBRUARY 18th. Usual venue - Bodle Street village hall with the W.I. doing the catering. Price is 11.50. Forms available from ESTHER if you haven't got one already.

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Received from John Taylor

Hi Esther The Coffee morning at our house raised £73 which is much appreciated and as promised will be donated to the Downland Farm Project at Willingdon this is a charity that provides a vocational environment for adults with learning difficulties. Andrew our son has been at the centre for a number of years and like everyone who has the opportunity of being involved with the project considers it to be an essential part of their life. The project consists of a hotel and a garden centre. Andrew is involved in the latter which is best described as plantsmans nursery with a wide range of plants and knowledgeable staff. The project is part funded by Social Services but has always relied heavily on volunteers and donations to enable it to survive and this donation will be much appreciated. Thanks are due to Rose, Pat B and all the others who brought mince pies and to Mick Hills who tackled all the washing up.

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Christmas Eve saw a jolly houseful for John & Joyce Taylor's mince pie elevenses. When everyone had decided they'd been fortified sufficiently John led the ride to Chiddingly to our favourite pub. Not a bad day - at least there was no ice and everybody got to the "Bells" safely.

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A lovely sunny day and a strong contingent at Westham for mincepies and carols. The Easyriders, including the walking wounded, were well represented at Chiddingly whilst the others made their way to the official lunch venue at Warbleton.

I still have the glasses that I acquired when we were at Chalvington. If anybody has noticed that they've lost a pair please let me know.

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More ice victims today (10th December) and a rather depleted Section at Wessons. John Seviour joined us after a short ride from Horam Manor where he'd parked his car. Roger took his injuries from last Wednesday's tumble back to the DGH and has to report again on Monday. Geoff & Jenny brought Janice and her new guide dog, Gina, out to elevenses and later to East Hoathly for lunch. There was quite good support for picnics on the rec and about 15 in the pub.

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Cold with a lot of ice about today. John Hurst came off on ice on his way down from Haywards Heath and Roger Bacon also came a cropper between Hailsham and Herstmonceux.

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Does anyone know who owns a pair of glasses left behind at Chalvington yesterday. They were found on the floor below the corner table. Esther

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I rang Fred last week and learned that he had come home from hospital and was getting physio and other treatments from visiting nurses.

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